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About the Blog

The main focus of this blog is Linux and Open Source Technologies.

I will be posting instruction guides and How-Tos. My focus is to write articles that will either teach you or help you resolve a problem.

In addition to Linux and open source technologies, I will also publish articles in the following categories.

1. Linux Practical Tutorials

2. Open Source Networking

About me

My name is Nguyễn Năng Thắng, also known as Thang Nguyen in English. Currently, I’m a contributor to the Fedora Project. I am a member of FOSS communities as HanoiLUG (Hanoi GNU/Linux Users Group), Ubuntu-VN, and Fedora Vietnam Community since lately 2011. My main contribution is for free and open source software.

In IT Stuff

I am very interested in networking. I love studying the network elements, network architecture, as well as network operating systems.

In addition to networking, I am also interested in GNU/Linux. The first time I used GNU/Linux was in 2009, when my friend gave me a Ubuntu 9.04 CD. I love free software and its culture. I officially changed from Microsoft Windows® to GNU/Linux in 2010.

The GNU/Linux distro I have been working on for the longest period of time is Ubuntu and I am still using it occasionally. I have chosen Fedora as my main operating system up to present.

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