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Fedora 21 Release Party @ HOU

May 3, 2015

This is the second time we organized Fedora Release Party in Hanoi, on April 20th, 2015. There were about 10 guests in our seminar, including Mr. Lê Trung Nghĩa- Fedora’s executive member, and mostly students.

The event started at 8:30. The previous event took place in a café, but this event was held in IT Department- Hanoi Open University, with the aim to bring Fedora closer to students.

The person who started our event was Mr. Nguyễn Năng Thắng, who gave you general information about the content, which is mainly about open sourse, updates on Fedora and the new releases of Fedora 21.

First, Mr. Nguyễn Năng Thắng showed us what open sourse was and its development. To make it clearer, he provided us a short video clip about open sourse. Next, we made a deeper investigation about the foundation and development of Fedora project and Fedora Operating System. Moreover, Mr. Thắng gave us the fact that  there were only 10 volunteers contributing to Fedora Vietnam,This is such a small number. Mr. Thắng aslo provided us a video clip about our latest seminar Fedora 21. In the clip, after the introduction about Fedora Operating System, my friend named Tuấn Anh from Information Security Department of Academy of Cryptography Techniques raised a question about Fedora’s features that is superior compared to others open sourse. And Mr. Thắng’s answer hepled Tuấn Anh recognize Fedora’s advantages.

The next part was Mr. Trương Anh Tuấn’s speech, who is working on SEVER  release. He showed  you the power of Fedora Operating System (Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server and Fedora Cloud). He also mentioned the four basic Fedora’s criterions. As far as I am concerned, the most interesting part during the event was ways to contribute to Fedora Worldwide. We have to understand that a software maker is not necessarily a coder. Fedora project has no discrimination in sex, skills or race. Every single person can give a hand to a better software release. Then a female classmate of mine decided to take part in Fedora project.

After Mr. Trương Anh Tuấn’s speech was light meal, which helped everybody relaxed.It was the most exciting part, everybody seemed to get closer together when listening to Mr. Tuấn Anh’s sharings about the power of open sourse, how to contribute to Fedora and ways to take part in other open sourse project.

Due to the time limitation, Mr. Thắng and I couldn’t present about Fedora 21’s  new features (Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server). In the closing part, Mr. Trương Anh Tuấn shared stories about Fedora comunity and representative contributors in India, who designed Fedora 21’s icon. Despite the small number of attendees,  the event was successful, everyone was excited when receiving project’s CDs, stickers and logo.

To sum up,  though there was limitation in the number of attendees, the degree of interest was fairly high. I hope that there will be more contributors to Fedora Vietnam. Thanks for your attendance in the FEDORA 21 Release party at FITHOU and hope to see you again in our next seminars.


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