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Fedora 21 Release Party in Hanoi / Report

January 4, 2015

I am pleased to announce that the Fedora 21 release party was successfully organized in Hanoi on 19th, December, 2014. There was 18 participants attending the event. Especially, this event had attention of foreigners: Mrs Terry Parnell (as Director of Open Development Cambodia) and Mr Joerg Henning (as Mr Truong Anh Tuan‘s friend). Besides, there was a lot of students from Universities in Hanoi.

The event began at about 07:00 pm. It was regularly organized at a coffee restaurant in Pham Huy Thong St. It takes about 10 minutes to go to there from my company.

At the beginning, I had an introduction about myself, my current works, and my contributions in Fedora Project and other Open Source Projects. Next, I introduced to participants about the program of the release party. There was many interesting topics about the Fedora Project, the program, new features inside Fedora 21, Fedora 21 live shows, and the other topics related to Open Source Software and Open Source community.

As usual, I was the first person having an introduction about the Fedora Project. It is true that there are many people who did not understand in right way about the Fedora Project and the differences between Fedora Project and “Fedora” operating system. Someone said to me that “Fedora is a OS based on Redhat Linux”. The others said that “The Fedora Project stopped developing”…. So, I tried to give a very clearly explanation about what Fedora Project is via a photo so that every participants can understand easily the collaboration of all members in Free and Open Source Community. It is the Fedora Project. Next, I talked about the missions and four foundations of the Fedora Project. In each foundation, I explained in detailed so that everyone can understand about Free Software that Fedora uses, about freely to redistribute the distribution, about the strength of the community, about the great features inside each Fedora releases, about the commitment to innovation, and so on. Finally, I had a presentation about the topics “Fedora Community Updates World wide and in Vietnam” and “How to Join and Start Contributing to Fedora”. At the end of my talk, there was a question for me about the number of Fedora contributors in Vietnam up to present. It was true that there was not many active Fedora contributors who really joins the Project to do some things for the community in Vietnam. There are many Fedora users, but not many Fedora contributors which are really active persons, so in my slide, I mentioned the number of Fedora contributors is less than 10 at the moment in Vietnam. Participant seemed to be excited about my first talk.

The next program introduced to everyone was an announcement of the Fedora 21 release by Mr Truong Anh Tuan. We together congrated to Fedora 21 officially released on 09/12, and together cut Fedora cake. It was very nice cake with Fedora logo in the central. We had a short break to get acquainted with each other and had some discussion about Fedora, Linux, Open Source Project, etc. While people was eating cake and having drink, Mr Truong Anh Tuan began his presentation about the topic “ – An introduction”. Firstly, he showed to everyone that Fedora is a powerful OS. It was fact that Fedora had strong user and developer community and it had 10 successful years. Next, Tuan gave an explanation about the program “”: what it exactly is, introduction to Multi-leve “Rings” approach – architecture of 3 Fedora Products (Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server, and Fedora Cloud). He continued to show to participants about main differences between the development of Fedora in the past and the development of Fedora in the future (Fedora 21 as an example). Tuan talked very clearly and deeply about, so everyone seemed to be excited about his talk like my first presentation.

After the talk of Mr Truong Anh Tuan was the talk of Hieu. Hieu is a student of Hanoi Open University and currently working in Fedora Project as a new contributor. He introduced to everyone about new features inside Fedora 21, big changes in Fedora 21 for end user, for system administrators, and for developers, and so on. He had live shows about GNOME Desktop in Fedora 21 by a short video and the tool “Dev Assistant” in Fedora 21. He showed to everyone that we can easily use the tool Dev Assistant to develop Open Source Projects using programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. He is an active person who helped me organize this event, as well as had the first contributions to Fedora. Congratulation to him!

To continue the event, there was an presentation of Mrs Terry Parnell about the Open Development Mekong Project. The Project works to increase the availability and transparency of information related to development trends in the Lower Mekong region. After having some introduction about the Project, she had some demos about some data and information of Combodia on the website, as well as other data and information of other regions such as Lao, Vietnam, etc. All of the participant liked her talk and asked many questions about the Project. Basically, all of us would like to have firstly contributions for the Project by translating Open Data documentation into Vietnamese and have bigger contributions in near furture.

In the end of the event, there were some free talks of participants about Open Source Projects. Mr Le Trung Nghia had a short presentation about the Openroad Project in Vietnam so that everyone and Mrs Terry Parnell can have contributions to the Project. He asked Mrs Terry Parnell how can translate Open Data documentation into Vietnamese. Mrs Terry Parnell showed him many ways to translate to documentation into Vietnamese, so he really wanted to do this work to have firstly contribution to the Open Development Mekong Project. The last discussions in the event was very interesting which got much attention of participants. I myself also wanted to contribute to the Open Development Mekong Project too. Lastly, everyone took some nice photos. Fedora 21 DVDs and stickers were gifts for participants.

To sum up, this was the most successful event that I and my friends like Tuan and Hieu have ever organized in Hanoi, Vietnam. I hope that there will be more and more people contributing to Fedora in near future.

Congratulation Fedora 21 again! Thank you and see you soon in next Fedora events!


* Wiki of event

* Photos of event

* Fedora Slides


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