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Software Freedom Day in Hanoi / Report

October 3, 2014

SFD 2014 – Day 1 (Fedora APAC Ambassadors Meetup)

Friday, September 19th, 2014

We had a first meeting for all Fedora Ambassadors attending SFD event at the VAIP office. We discussed a lot of things about some critical issues in APAC such as the current year’s budget, Fedora events and activities in APAC in the current year’s budget, swag and media produce and distribution in APAC, the better collaboration in APAC, and so on. There were five persons participating the meeting physically (Tuan, Alick, Sarup, and Somvannda) and three persons participating the meeting remotely via IRC (Gnokii, Kushal, and Ankur).

The first topic was started by Tuan at 09:30 am. Tuan had a brief summarization about the APAC situation. He said that “APAC joins the community later than other regions such as EMEA, etc”. He also said that “We have a lack of physical meetups among APAC folks”. It was true that for most APAC meeting, there were very few representatives from Asian country. When the budget was to be made for the current FY, Tuan announced over the mailing lists, but nobody showed up. Besides, some regions in APAC made plan from last year to organize some Fedora events or activities, but they did not do anything as plan. As discussed, we should have Fedora meetups every years, do some talks, and it’ll be better if we can have more physical meetups regularly. “We should stop people from treating Fedora as a travel agencywas say of Kushal via IRC. Moreover, Tuan has been trying to call contributors to make a bigger plan for the budget of FY, but they told Tuan that they did not know how to make plan or something else. There were some brief updates about the situation in India by Sarup, in Combodia by Somvannda, and in China by Alick. About the situation in India, there were meetups for contributors at larger conferences like Pycon and there were infrequent events in bangalore/pune, etc. About the situation in Combodia, people tended to show up only when their tickets need to be discussed, etc. And about the situation in China, contributors had regular meetings, organized a lot of events and activities related to Fedora and FOSS, and used mailing lists a lot, etc. It took a long discussion for us about the situation of making plan and organizing events and activities in APAC.

Fedora Meetup - Photo: Somvannda

Next, we discussed and worked on the most important topic: the budget of FY2015. Alick volunteered to review and update Q2 and I and Sarup helped with Q1. Alick got lucky since most events and activities planned in Q2 were cancelled and there wasn’t much to review. T helped Sarup double-check events, activities, swag requests, and travel tickets from Q1.

After a lunch break, we turned to discuss Ambassador Polos and FAD Phnom Penh. We discussed some concerns about the date and time to organize Fedora 21 release party inside FAD in November. Tuan had a plan to invite Fedora Ambassadors from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore since the ticket is very cheap.

SFD 2014 – Day 2 (Software Freedom Day at the University)

Friday, September 20th, 2014

I and Tuan went to the hotel to take a taxi to go to the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) with Fedora members where Sofware Freedom Day event was held.

As schedule, there was a Tux dance at the beginning of the event. It was such definitely colorful event that I have ever attended from 2009.

I had some Fedora DVDs, stickers, and Alick had some Fedora swags from China too, so we used them up at our booth. It was true that Fedora swags disappeared quickly :). I met some students and friends at the booth and had some short talks about Fedora activities in SFD, as well as introduction to them about Fedora Project. I also talked with them about Fedora sessions which would be organized at a separately room in the afternoon. They seemed to be excited about attending Fedora sessions in the afternoon to be introduced more details about Fedora Project, and many interesting topics related to Fedora and FOSS. Then, all of us went to the main hall since the event was started.

Fedora Booth - Photo: Alick

It was the first time that Alick, Sarup, Somvannda were introduced as special international guests to the event. Tuan had a keynote about the topic “How to contribute to Fedora without programming skills”. He tried to introduce to participants basically and easily about the ways to contribute to Fedora such as joining many Fedora sub-projects like Ambassador, Writer, Designer, Web Developer, and so on if they like. After his talk, there were some questions from participant asked for Tuan and all of the questions were answered clearly and fully.

Ways to Contribute to Fedora by Truong Anh Tuan - Photo: Alick

In the afternoon, we moved to our Fedora room. As usual, I had an introduction to the attendees about the Fedora Project – who we are, what we do, our goals, and some statistics about Fedora Vietnam community. It was so happy that there was many attendees at the room when my talk was presented 🙂

Fedora Project Introduction by Nguyen Nang Thang - Photo: Alick

Next was Alick’s session on FOSS Software Defined Radio. He tried to speak loudly and slowly so that participant who are almost Vietnamese can understand his talk. It was an interesting topic for me due to his ideas of motivating through practical examples.

Finally, there was a short workshop of Sarup on the topic “FOSS 101”. He had an interesting workshop like Alick too. He tried to introduce to everyone basically about Open Source Software, Linux, GsoC, etc. Moreover, he had a workshop about using Git, IRC, and mailing list. Trang and Alick helped him with the demos of Git and the translation.

To sum up, SFD 2014 was organized successfully. I would like to say thanks to event organizers and my international friends. I hope that there will be more and more people contributing to Fedora in the future.


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