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FOSSASIA 2014 – Day 3

April 7, 2014

Sunday, March 02nd, 2014:
Following the successful of two days (day 1 and day 2), FOSSASIA continued to be held successfully on the last day at Open Institute. There were about 10 attendees including students, speakers, and organizers joining into Fedora registered workshops at a separated room.

Before starting to do Fedora workshops, Sirko had an introduction about Fedora and Fedora project. The first thing that he talked to participants was about Fedora Operating System. He made some comparation between Fedora OS and some other Linux OS such as Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Next, he explained carefully to everyone about Fedora Four Foundations. Participants asked many questions related to Fedora OS, Software Center inside Fedora like Ubuntu, and Debian. It was true that all questions from participants were answered clearly.

It took about 10 minutes for Sirko to talk his first topic. The next topic that he talked to everyone was about “7 ways to contribute to Fedora”. His key objectives in the topic are to help people to join into Fedora project with Fedora sub-projects such as Designer, Documentation, etc. In his first session, everyone asked him some questions realated to the ticket system used in Fedora such as “What is the ticket system in Fedora?”, etc.

Following the first topic of Sirko, there were many workshops to help participants step-by-step contribute to Fedora project such as “howto become a Fedora contributor”, “howto join Ambassador mailing list”, “howto join Fedora Ambassador program”, and “howto use IRC on Fedora”. Especially, there was a long workshop to introduce to people about GPG and help participants generate GPG key on Fedora. Kushal is key person helping participants do the workshop. Everyone was very excited about the workshops.

The Fedora workshops was done successfully. It was true that we recruited six additional Fedora contributors. Beside Sarup who had already joined into Design team, some students were suggested to L10n team. We were very happy to have two first Cambodia agreed to start Fedora Khmer translation team.

FOSSASIA 2014 was organized successfully. It was time to take a short rest and explore Angkor, Siem Reap and Cambodia.



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