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FOSSASIA 2014 – Day 2

April 7, 2014

Saturday, March 01st, 2014:
Fedora team came to FOSSSASIA 2014 with many contributors, so in the second day, there was many interesting talks and workshops related to Fedora. First, it was an Inkscape workshop done by Sirko Kemter. The key goals of the workshop are to introduce to people about Inkscape, help people to install Inkscape in Fedora, get acquainted with Inkscape, and do some practice to edit picture with Inkscape. There was about 50 attendees joining the workshop. Due to bad network condition, it took a long time for participants to install Inkscape directly from the Internet, but finally, all computers of students were completely installed Inkscape by Fedora team.

The next talk was about Linux Users Group in Combodia. It was not a big group, but they had organized many Linux events and activities. They were so active Linux Group in my opinion in Combodia.

After listening to the talk of Linux Users Group in Combodia, I began to prepare my presentation and quick demo about the topic “Building a Fedora Clustering/Load Balancing System using Linux Virtual Server”. Firstly, I introduced to everyone an overview of basic terms such as Clustering, Load Balancing Systems, and the Linux Virtual Server Project. Then, I had a quick demo of building a Load Balancing System using LVS in Fedora. Everyone was interesting about my demo and asked me some questions about Load Balancing Systems such as how it works, the differences between LVS techniques (NAT, Direct Routing, and IP Tunneling), etc.

Following my talk about open technologies used inside Fedora, there was another talk presented by Uditha. He tried to introduce and explain clearly to students about PaaS with Fedora. Our talks sent to students a larger message that they can do a lot with Fedora, mostly everything.



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