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FOSSASIA 2014 – Day 1

April 7, 2014

Friday, February 28th, 2014:
In the next day of the event, it was opening ceremony. Organizers and the event host gave welcome speech to participants. Then, there was some talks of speakers with many interesting topics such as Wifi Mesh, Google Summer of Code, etc. Mr. Truong Anh Tuan had a short presentation about “The future of Fedora Project”. It took about 5 minutes for him to introduce to participants an overview of Fedora Project and the program. Then, Tuan talked to people that there would be Fedora dedicated sessions in the afternoon.

There was a dedicated room for Fedora in FOSSASIA. In the afternoon, Tuan had a talk about “ – The Future of Fedora” in more details. He tried to explain clearly to everyone about Fedora Four Foundations, the development of Fedora in 10 years, the mission of Fedora, the product proposal of Fedora, etc. During his talks, there were many questions of students about Fedora’s Features, Fedora Cloud, the different between Fedora and other Operating System. Moreover, Tuan explained carefully to participant about several meanings of Fedora such as Fedora project, Fedora people, and Fedora operating system. Everyone was very excited about his talks.

Following Tuan’s presentation, there was an interesting talk of Sirko Kemter. He introduced and explained basic terms in Fedora with Fedora A-Z guide. The presentation was created by many nice pictures that attracted students to listen to his talk. Then, he had another interesting talk about Seven ways to contribute to Feodra (without programming). Everyone was very excited again about his talk because there was many choices for them to them to join and contribute to Fedora and Open Source projects.

In the evening, there was a wonderful dinner for all speakers. We went along Lonle sap river by boat, had some drinks, chatted with each others. It was so amazing.



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