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Software Freedom Day in Hanoi / Report

October 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

Following the success of Fedora 19 release party in Hanoi, it was Software Freedom Day (SFD) which was successfully held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 21st, September, 2013 at Hanoi University of Technology. There was about 300 people participating SFD this year.

As you know, Software Freedom Day is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. It is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use. It is also an event that many Open Source Communities meet each other to introduce their Communities, as well as to help everyone join Open Source Communities in the world. There were Hanoi Community Space, Fedora Vietnam, Ubuntu Vietnam, NukeViet, OpenStack Vietnam, etc. Fedora Vietnam Community had a booth and many talks in this event.

To begin the event, there was a talk about Software Freedom Day of Mr. Nguyen Hong Quang (president of VFOSSA). Mr. Quang introduced a breif history of Software Freedom Day, and activities which were taken place during the event. The first talk was very interesting and everyone seemed very excited when listening the talk.

SFD was continued organizing as barcamp style this year. There was about over 15 registered topics and each of topics were voted by participants. The topics having higher votes will be discussed at the main hall. The topics having lower votes will be discussed at the other small rooms. I registered a topic “Introduction to Fedora project and How to contribute to the project”. My topic had 20 votes and it was discussed at 11:30 am at the third room.

Introduction to Fedora Project was the first content that I would like to present to everyone. To be known that almost participants did not know about Free Software, as well as the history of its development, so firstly I talked about the history of Free and Open Source Software.

Secondly, I introduced to everyone about Redhat company and explained the relationship between Redhat and Fedora project.

The second content that I would like to talk about was Fedora project. It was true that it was so difficult to me to talk about the Project in a short time. So, I tried to focus on some key contents such as the missions and objectives of Fedora Project. Next, I clearly explained to participants four foundations of Fedora project. Most of participants were very interested in the fourth foundation (“First”). They asked me many questions related to this foundation. After my explanation, everyone knew more useful information about Fedora.

Besides, I talked about Fedora Community and some updated information related to Fedora Community in Vietnam such as the number of ambassadors, the number of contributors, and the number of active contributors joining Fedora project at the moment, etc.

The next content that I introduced to everyone was the topic: “How we can join and start contributing to Fedora Project?”. I talked about Fedora’s sub-projects and tried to help people join the Projects in a simple way. After that, I guided for everyone to become an Ambassador step by step. It was true that there was many students who want to start contributing to Fedora such as joining Ambassador program, Free Media program, Documentation project, etc.

There was many interesting topics discussed in the afternoon. Especially, there was a game competition taken place in main hall. Students liked the game very much. They tried their best to play the game to take the highest award at the final match.

The event ended at about 5:30 pm. Everyone returned the main hall to join closing ceremony. As usual, there was a small party with participants and beer 🙂

During the event, everyone took some nice photos. Fedora 19 Multi-Desktop DVDs, Fedora buttons, and stickers were gifts for participants.

To sum up, SFD was successfully organized. Fedora Vietnam Community had also good activities in the event. We hope that there will be more and more people contributing to Fedora in near future in Vietnam.

All photos of the event can be found here.

Thank you and see you soon in next events!

Nguyen Nang Thang
Fedora Contributor



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