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Fedora 19 Release Party in Hanoi / Report

July 31, 2013

Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to announce that the release party of Fedora 19 was successfully organized in Hanoi on 25th, July 2013. There was about 15 people attending this event. We had many interesting topics and discussions about Fedora Project, its sub-projects as well as Fee and Open Source Software.

The event began at 6:30 pm.

First of all, I had an introduction about myself and my role in Fedora Project. As a Fedora Ambassador, I introduced to participants about key objectives and program of Fedora release parties.

As usual, the first content that I introduced to everyone was about Fedora Project and its history development. Before talking about Fedora Project, I had an definite introduction about its history development. I talked about Free and Open Source Software, GNU project, Linux kernel Project, GNU/Linux distributions and other related topics. I took examples to compare Fedora with other popular GNU/Linux distros such as RHEL, Ubuntu, etc to show the most outstanding features of Fedora. Next, I had a presentation about Fedora Project. It was true that it was so difficult to me to talk about the Project in a short time. So, I tried to focus on some key contents such as the missions, objectives and four foundations of Fedora Project. Besides, I talked about Fedora Community as well as some updated information related to Fedora Community in Vietnam. I noticed a good news that we had an new Fedora Ambassador in Can Tho city and Mr. Truong Anh Tuan had been nominated in FAMA group. Everyone was very happy when he explained the FAMA group and its valuable operations.

The next content that I introduced to everyone was the topic: “How we can join and start contributing to Fedora Project?”. I talked about Fedora’s sub-projects and tried to help people join the Projects in a simple way.

To continue the event, I introduced the changes and greatest features of Fedora 19. This was an interesting topic which got much attention.

The end of event was an open discussion about Fedora and FOSS. This was the most vibrant part as people were freely talk about their concerns or unclear things. There were lots of question for me about different topics such as “the differences between Fedora and Redhat, FOSS licenses, etc . Then there was a brief introduction of Mozilla Project presented by one Mozilla representative: Mr. Arky. It was my pleasure to be the Fedora representative to help people understand correctly the Fedora Project or FOSS in general.

At the end, everyone took some nice photos. Fedora 19 Multi-Desktop DVDs and stickers were gifts for participants.

To sum up, the event was successfully organized. I hope that there will be more and more people contributing to Fedora in near future.

Total cost of the party is about 75$. All photos of the event can be found here.

Congratulation Fedora 19 again!

Thank you and see you soon in next Fedora events!

Nguyen Nang Thang

Fedora Contributor



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