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Fedora 17 Release Party in Hanoi / Report

June 4, 2012

Hi everybody,

Last week, Fedora 17 Release Party was successfully organized in Hanoi, Vietnam.

When and Where

Friday, June, 01st, 2012

6 – 9 PM (Hanoi timezone, GMT +7)

Lollybooks Café, Thai Ha st.

The organizers team – Who we are

  1. Truong Anh Tuan – Fedora Ambassador Vietnam
  2. Nguyen Nang Thang – Fedora Ambassador Vietnam
  3. Nguyen Ha Duong – Fedora Ambassador Vietnam
  5. HanoiLUG
  6. and other friends


– Fedora 17 Release Announcement

– Talk about the Fedora Project

– Talk about new Features inside Fedora 17

– Fedora Community Update

– Open discussions about Fedora and FOSS

– Swag distribution


About 25 people

The Fedora 17 release party started at about 6:30 pm. We invited a lot of people for attending to our event. As usual, it included beer, coffee, tea, fruits, greeting cake and more.

At the beginning, Mr. Truong Anh Tuan had a greeting to everybody attending the event. Then, he had a short talk about Fedora 17 Release Announcement and Fedora Vietnam Community.

First, I had a presentation about the topic “Fedora Project and What’s new in Fedora 17?” paid attention a lot to participants. I clearly explained the Fedora Project, its objectives and core values to them. After that, I demonstrated the Fedora 17 new features with desktop environments (gnome 3.4 & kde 4.8), gimp 2.8, ext4 default file system, password quality checking, multitouch support, font configuration tool and power management. Next, Mr. Nguyen Ha Duong started talking about other features for both developers and system administrators. One of these major features are D programming language, gcc 4.7, java 7, ruby  1.9.3, firewalld, openstack, etc. Everybody seemed to like these new features inside Fedora 17.

After talking about new features, we continued to discuss freely about Fedora and FOSS. A lot of questions were asked around who-we-are, what-we-do, how-we-can-contribute, etc. Lately, people understood our mission, our four foundations: freedom, friends, features, first and a lot of things about our project and community. Besides, Mr. Truong Anh Tuan also presented the topic “How to get started to contribute to the Fedora Project?”. Everybody was very exciting about this topic.

At the end of the event, we got photos and distributed almost all CDs and stickers for free to participants.

Some photos can be found here:

Nguyen Nang Thang

Fedora Contributor



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